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  • Scientologists takeover of Clearwater, Florida.

    Scientology is a movement or religion invented by L. Ron Hubbard. Scientologists believe in reaching a “state of clear” and operate through locally governed operations. The Tampa Bay Times maps Scientologists buying footprint in downtown Clearwater for three years and discovered in the past three years from 2017 that the church’s properties have doubled. The…

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  • ChatGPT Short Story

    Prompt: “Write a 600 word horror story about aliens taking over earth and include superheros.” Story: Alien Takeover: Heroic Battle The city was shrouded in darkness as the night fell. A sense of foreboding hung in the air, and the streets were devoid of life. The once vibrant metropolis had been reduced to a desolate…

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  • Traveling through a Digital Stories timeline.

    Reading from Agrippa, a self scrolling poem, to Photopia, a choose your own digital adventure, and then through an AI generated story and even conversations with Siri, creates a sense of the kind of digital stories and the vastness of them that does exist. This poem explores a bunch of different pictures, through text, from…

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