The French Lady

I created a server sim/story that goes through an average serving shift. I focused it around a restaurant that I named “The French Lady”, which is meant to be a casual-fine dining restaurant with French cuisine. The story line places yourself as the main character and is primarily from a first person point of view. You are meant to click the “right” choices, or you are forced back/get yelled at. I really wanted this to be a kind of choose you own adventure style, but also stress the importance of some of the chaotic kinds of things that happen in a restaurant based off of personal experience.


  • 86: ran out of it
  • FOH: Front of House
  • BOH: Back of House
  • Bump: to clear an order off the screen
  • Cut: no more taking tables/sent home
  • SA: server’s assistant
  • Host: seats customers in the restaurant
  • Drop: to take to a table
  • Open menus: how many people who still have menus and haven’t ordered
  • Double-sat: to be sat two tables at one time
  • Double: to work two shifts in one day
  • FIFO: First In, First Out
  • Expo: Expediting food to go out of the kitchen and putting it in order
  • Food Runner: some one who runs food to the tables
  • Fly: need it now
  • Heard: confirmation, also “yes chef”
  • “in the weeds” or “weeded”: to be busy or swamped while serving
  • Mis en place: means “everything in place”; tools are set for a shift (spoons and steak knives)
  • POS: Point of Sale, where you input orders
  • Run: to take to a table
  • Table turning/turns/turn and burn: to get people in and out of a table, less focus on pacing
  • Well Liquors: house liquors, usually cheaper than things on the bar shelf
  • Dead: food that can’t be served
  • Campers: people who stay at a table for hours

Play the game here!