ChatGPT Short Story

Prompt: “Write a 600 word horror story about aliens taking over earth and include superheros.”


Alien Takeover: Heroic Battle

The city was shrouded in darkness as the night fell. A sense of foreboding hung in the air, and the streets were devoid of life. The once vibrant metropolis had been reduced to a desolate wasteland. The invasion had begun. (A)

The Alien spacecraft loomed overhead, casting an eerie glow that illuminated the crumbling buildings below. The extraterrestrial beings had descended upon Earth, their intentions unknown but undoubtedly malevolent. Panic had gripped the world, and the fate of humanity hung in the balance. (B)

Amidst the chaos, a small group of survivors emerged. They were an eclectic mix of individuals, each possessing unique abilities that had made them outcasts in their own right. They were the last hope for humanity – a band of unlikely heroes.

Leading the group was Lucas, a young man with an extraordinary power. His body emanated a radiant energy that he could harness to manipulate the elements. He had always kept his abilities hidden, afraid of the attention it would bring. But now, he had no choice but to embrace his destiny.

Joining Lucas was Sarah, a brilliant scientist with an unparalleled intellect. She had always been fascinated by the unknown, and now she found herself face to face with the unimaginable. Armed with her knowledge and ingenuity, she sought to understand the alien technology and find a weakness.

Alongside them was Alex, a former soldier whose strength and combat skills were unmatched. He had survived countless battles and emerged victorious, but this was a war like no other. His experience and determination made him an invaluable asset to the group. (C)

The heroes moved stealthily through the shadows, navigating the debris-filled streets. Their objective was to reach the heart of the alien stronghold and put an end to the invasion. But the aliens were no ordinary foes. They possessed advanced weaponry and formidable powers of their own. (D)

As they made their way through the city, the heroes encountered other survivors, desperate and terrified. They offered hope, urging them to find refuge and promising that they would fight to reclaim their home. The group grew in numbers, united in their defiance against the alien oppressors.

Finally, they reached their destination – a towering structure that pulsated with an otherworldly energy. The heroes braced themselves for the final battle, knowing that failure would mean the end of everything they held dear. (E)

The alien leader emerged, a towering figure with menacing tentacles and eyes that glowed with a sinister light. It exuded an aura of power that seemed insurmountable. But the heroes were not alone. The combined strength of their abilities and unwavering determination fueled their resolve.

Lucas summoned the elements, creating a whirlwind that swept through the alien ranks. Sarah used her scientific knowledge to disrupt the alien technology, rendering their weapons useless. Alex engaged in a fierce hand-to-hand combat, taking on multiple adversaries at once.

The battle raged on, the heroes fighting with everything they had. Each blow struck was a testament to their resilience and the indomitable spirit of humanity. Slowly, but surely, they gained ground, pushing the aliens back.

Finally, the leader fell, its grotesque form disintegrating into nothingness. The alien invasion was over. Earth was free once more, thanks to the bravery and sacrifice of these extraordinary individuals. (F)

As the dust settled, the heroes stood amidst the ruins, their bodies battered and weary but their spirits unbroken. The world owed them a debt of gratitude, for they had saved humanity from the brink of extinction.

From that day forward, the heroes became legends, their names whispered in hushed tones. They had stared into the face of unimaginable horror and emerged victorious. And though scars remained, they served as a reminder of the strength that lies within ordinary people when faced with extraordinary circumstances.

And so, the city began to rebuild, its people filled with newfound hope. The alien invasion would forever be etched in their memories, a testament to the resilience of humanity and the power of heroes.


ChatGPT’s efficiency to tell stories is good and the vocabulary used is extensive, but I found that while it addressed much of the prompt I gave it, it lacks in the horror and superhero aspect, it only really focuses on the alien invasion aspect. The beginning of the story reads as a horror story set up, but it never goes very far. The AI does a great job of telling an alien invasion story to take over earth, but I found that the lack of detail is kind of frustrating. It seems that the AI was either limited because of the word count given or because it has a lack of world building skills that most writers possess when writing in the horror or fantasy genres. The AI seemed more focused on telling a story with an end, which I feel is why it lacks creativity and details that a writer would include, like a city name, and more of a hero background story, or even an alien background story. I don’t think UFOs were even included which is what I was most looking forward to reading the AI’s interpretation of, how the aliens would land. The other part that I think is lacking from this story is details surrounding why the alien is so powerful or what is happening for just one alien to take over the world. I believe that ChatGPT is more focused on fulfilling a satisfying ending with as minimal detail and maximum vocabulary as possible, or at least that’s how it feels with this specific prompt that I gave. 

AI like how this starts, but I do wish it included more detail.
BAgain, I like how this is formatted but I feel like making a word limit, essentially limits the detail that AI can go into.
CThis feels a little left field from the parameters I asked for, but we’ll see where we go with the army guy anyways
DJust heroes and not superheroes 🙁
EWhere? This is what feels so limiting about this story, the lack of detail
FBut what sacrifice and where is the supernatural hero aspect that I was dying for?